ICT Security Audit

Comprehensive assessment of an organization’s security posture and its ICT infrastructure.

Systems Security Audit

We conduct review and examination of system records, activities and security tests to identify loopholes and help the organization avoid improper information security designs and minimize catastrophic data loss and system outage.

Network Security Audit

Our experienced team attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities in your network, hosts, and devices by purposefully using malicious techniques to test the network’s security responses. This assists in identifying any security exploits so that they can be fixed to avoid data breaches and accompanied losses.

ICT security audit

Do you want to protect your organization’s IT systems and infrastructure against attacks? What method do you use to protect your data? Do you need a disaster recovery plan? Are your employees familiar with existing security procedures and policies or do you simply want to keep your company’s security measures updated? Kalen limited has answers to all these questions and more questions regarding the safety of your network, data and connected devices.

We offer an ICT security audit service which is a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s security posture and its ICT infrastructure. Conducting an IT security audit helps organizations find and assess the vulnerabilities existing within their IT networks, connected devices, critical company records and applications. It allows your organization to fix security loopholes, and achieve compliance.