User Requirements Development

Deeper understanding of your ICT needs

Get clear requirement specifications to guide you in planning, costing,creating timelines,monitoring delivery and testing. A clear document will safe guide your company against unfinished ICT solution. You cannot demand features not clearly communicated before and the solution provider cannot claim the solution is ready if it does not meet an item stipulated in requirement specification document.

Are you stack in gaining agreements with stakeholders? Not sure of how to communicate with service provider on how the solution should be to satisfy your business needs? Need inputs to move to the next phase in your project? Hold your breath. We will assist you in meeting the aforementioned objectives and more.

At some point in time your organization my need to rollout a new software system to handle specific tasks. We offer help on determining reasonable estimates on the project size, time required and cost. We will create a Statement of User requirement document which details all the business requirements including identifying critical issues and priority areas regarding the new system, review existing system and propose best way to streamline and co-exist, conduct a study of major processes and procedures, define scope of work, prepare detailed implementation roadmap, estimated time, cost and efforts required and highlight changes required in the business processes after implementing the new system. Additionally, we offer transitionary advisory services to evaluate proposals from vendors.


Create complete user requirements to avoid unplanned costs at later stages.


Understand,streamline and estimate effort required to implement a new solution.

Cost Estimation

Prepare cost for each component and determine whether it is worth the investment.


A Roadmap will assist you in tracking milestone execution.

Get Value for Money

Operation and processes vary among Organizations. We assist assessing requirement suitable for your unique operations and provide implementation advise.