Media Monitoring

Decisions based on data analytics

Every day, Newspapers and other digital media leaves clues for your brand. Do you see them ? Turn conversations about real time publication into opportunities with our media monitoring services. Whether at individual or company level, we have tailored service for you.

An aspiring celebrity or public figure should be well versed of how media house and social media talk about his /her services. Such conversation once monitored can help to gauge your acceptance and adjust to meet the public expectations in terms of service delivery. Similarly, a corporate entity should know their brand perception, whether positive or negative, get insight on competitor public perception and make decision with the help of  data analytics.  We do media monitoring on daily newspapers and social media

Daily Newspaper Monitor

Through our publishing tools ( Bongo Papers) you will be able to get notifications on your mobile phone and high resolution cut of newspaper segment containing your preferential keyword. Through Bongo Papers, individuals and corporate can receive notification on mentions from all published newspapers on the platform on real time.  The platform offers subscription for one or multiple keywords. Contact us for a more advanced corporate solution.

Social Media Monitoring

As Social Media continue to glow, conversations about your brand might have negative impact. A timely access and reaction can help restore your brand position. We help you to identify the social conversations and influences that might impact your brand. Our comprehensive tracking means you will never miss a word that is being said about your brand on social media.


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